Depositary service  


The depositary of the Investment company ‘EuroInvest’ provides a large massive of services at the highest professional level on all types of securities:



  • Safe keeping(storage) and recording  title to securities (registration), and certification of title to securities  as well as recording transfer of titles to securities and certification of it.
  • Presenting reports  on the conducted operations with securities;
  • Registration of facts of lien or other encumbrance over the depositor’s securities in favor of the third party;    Making alterations in deposit accounts.
  • The alterations are related to subdivision consolidation cancelation and set-off of the securities and converting them.
  • Prompt distribution of dividends  per cents and other sorts of profit and payments collected  from issuers of the securities. The transfers are made in full volume.
  • Getting space for keeping information and  Deponent’s documents   and passing it over to Registrar(keeper of records)  Issuer or Depositary


Rendering other services stipulated by federal laws and other legislative and normative acts. The services are connected to keeping deposit accounts of deponents and assisting customers  in execution of their titles to securities.


The high  quality of the services we perform is backed up by  qualification and experience of our team and regular streamlining technologies of work.



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