Asset management  



Asset management both on the Russian and the Global markets is a priority direction in the work of ‘EuroInvest’ company.



‘EuroInvest’ company collaborates to the largest brokerage houses of Europe and America and can offer its clients asset management services using wide spectrum  of financial instruments, traded on the international markets.


Our strategy is focused on investment with protection of the capital. Which is achieved via use of  the optional strategies, the structured products and the investment into securities of the high credit quality.



Services on asset management  on international markets are rendered by the company ‘Euroinvest’ Financial Services Corporation (Panama). The company has international licenses on brokerage operations and asset management.






Clients who have initial capital from 10 000 USD to 100 000 USD can transfer their assets to management on the international markets on condition that they are united into investment pool using moderate conservative strategy.






 We’ve worked out 5 individual strategies with various levels of risk and potential profitability for clients who have initial capital 100 000 USD and more. Moreover in the framework of the offered strategies we’re prepared to discuss with the client almost any additional conditions so that investment portfolio can satisfy  our client needs completely.




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