Company ‘EvroInvedt’ is delighted to offer a unique service for VIP-clients who value their time.

We’re ready immediately to meet any your requests whether they be urgent rent of a yacht, tickets to the plane, theater, sport event, seat at a fashion-show, booking a  table at any restaurant.

Use our service cast off the burden of day to day cares and dedicate your time to more pleasant things. We’ll tackle to solution of  all your problems. 



Help  available:


  • Arranging travel.
  • Acquiring tickets for concerts, theater premier, shows, spot contests, cultural happenings, children parties and other events.
  • Booking places in the best top restaurants.
  • Unique purchases.



In addition to  the listed concierge-services our company is prepared to commit itself to meeting many other request of it VIP-clients.



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