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Brokerage services on international financial markets are rendered by the international brokerage company  Euroinvest Financial Services Corporation. The company is a component of the structure of   ‘EuroInvest’ group.

The clients of the company use direct access terminal that  enables them  to conduct operations with currency, shares, futures and options on international financial markets in real time.


Brokerage company Euroinvest Financial Services Corporation provides for its clients a full professional complex of products and services for efficient trading on international futures and stock markets and Forex market. The clients of the company use direct accesses terminal thus they get an opportunity to carry out transactions  with currency, shares, futures, options on financial markets in real time. Financial company ‘EuroInvest’ is a representative of the largest  word’s brokerage houses. We’ ll help you to get gateway to all   the leading  markets.


Security market: NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE.



Derivative market: CME, CBOT, NYMEX, ICE, EUREX, EURONEXT.


Our clients need to open one trading account with us  to get  access to all trading markets and derivatives.  We offer our clients to choose between the following  terminals of remote accesses (2 trading platforms) for trading.




CQG Trader


The peculiarity of the platform is possibility to  receive  orders from  outside and forward them to the market. You can use your own  mechanical systems to determine the point of entry on the market. This is a perfect solution for investors who don’t care a lot about technical analysis. The distinctive features of the system are reliability, execution  of orders, promptness of the execution, convenience of use, fail over, great efficiency.


Omni Pro


 Omni Pro platform is a system of direct accesses to the American stock market. You can  use it for work both with shares and share options. The platform has comfortable  interface for inputting orders, tracking positions, analyzing current orders it also has graphic  interface that is enhanced by  tools for analyzing securities.





This trading platform is devised for professional participants of the market. Direct Access technology enables users to watch the quotations for  shares and options in real time. Your order can be processed by more than  450 market-makers, including ECN and Exchanges. The platform conveys market information in real time regime covering access to quotations of Level II. The platform allows placing the full spectrum of orders  LMT, MKT, LOC, MOC, STP MKT, STP LMT.


Both trading platforms have special functions so that their users can connect and use mechanical trading systems (trading robots). Company ‘Euroinvest Financial Services Corporation’ ‘ll assist in connecting  trading robots to the chosen platforms. In addition to this our partner Company ‘QuantRiver System LLC’ is ready to supply  institutional users with a’new generation’ trading  system that provides for automatic management of the positions of  portfolio  and trading orders in real time. The system’s program units are meant for solving  such problems as  applying algorithmic trading strategies, smart trading via robots, managing (control of ) trading risks, allocation of financial instruments  among numerous client  accounts  or   wide portfolios and so on.




Brokerage services on international markets  are rendered by company Euroinvest Financial Services Corporation (Panama).




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