Assistance in opening of accounts in the western banks  



Company ‘EuroInvest’ renders its clients services of assistance in opening accounts with the largest Swiss banks,            whose  speciality  is Private Banking.


Swiss banks during centuries are a specimen of safety, security and they  maintain the reputation to the contemporary era (till  now) despite of significant changes in the financial world.



Our client who opens an account with such a bank has got a unique opportunity to confide his money funds to the best  experts who have a perfect command of investment consulting for  individual clients.



In the framework of ‘Family Office’ service company ‘EvroInvest’ doesn’t just make efforts  to satisfy current needs of its clients but helps to draw up plans for the  future and foster their subsequent  life.



Our liability is to  pick up  for our client  the best solution out of all possible ones.



 Chose us to get  assistance in opening account with a Swiss bank and make the first step towards success. 


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