Family office  



Every successful person thinks over the fact that it’s necessary that the process of his family asset management should be supported professionally. Business people seldom have time and desire to grasp minute details  of  investing into personal assets and to get grip on the niceties of tax legislation or legal protection of family property.



The key goal of Family office is care of your family wellbeing. Family office is primarily a complex individual approach and exclusive service.


Saving and increasing capital, financial and tax planning, asset and real estate managing, advising on inheritance issues, working out and implementing investment strategy assistance in developing family business are only separate directions of our work.



‘EuroInvest’ company’s  service ‘Family Office’ is your personal investment and financial  advisor, tax agent, lawyer and personal Life Style manager. We’ll provide for you an individual package of services of assistance in all financial and property issues. The package is devised with regard to the structure of family assets, your own likings, necessities and long term goals.    



We don’t offer commonly used  solutions. We thoroughly investigate needs of our clients and offer discretely individually designed program for solving set tasks. When  making up an individual financial strategy we consider multitude of factors such as the structure of the family business and  way of life of each member of the family.


 Our clients can be completely sure that  they made the best choice and   their fortune   and financial issues are in safe hands.




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