Investing into pieces of art  




Company ‘EuroInvest’ offers its clients Art-Banking service. We assume  that the term ’Art-banking’ implies financial and consulting back-up of investments into art which makes these investments safe and attractive for long term outlook.



Turn to us  chose a decent object of investment  and get professional assistance you can rely on it. Despite of the array of consulting services on issues, such as purchase and possession of artistic articles, we also secure solution of a large  number of practical issues from striking a deal  to arranging transportation (carriage) of the acquired artistic article and   its insurance.



Art market keeps growing while other financial markets are withering. Weak correlation of pieces of art to shares and bonds turns artistic articles into a potent instrument of diversification of investment portfolios. Thus pieces of art are getting a  fashionable trend of investment which is expressed in  record high values of artistic articles at auctions, in establishing of private art foundations and in devising instrument kit for analysis of market trends.



Compared to global market of securities, gold and bank deposits art market is more profitable.

It  can bring to a professional investor profit in the volume of up to 30-50% annually and more.



Acquisition of art pieces will become for you both advantageous putting funds in and the most exciting event in your life.





Comments to  the pictures:



Comment.1 (on the top) – Pablo Picasso. Nude, green leaves and bust


Comment.2 (in the bottom of the left) – Vasilii Kandinskii. Sketch for improvisation №3


Comment.3 (in the bottom of the right) – Franz Marc Pasturing horses III



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