About the company  


‘EuroInvest’ is an investment company modeled on an investment boutique.
We offer our clients a large spectrum of the integrated financial services in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad (Europe, the USA, Asia).


The company was formed in 2008. ‘EuroInvest’ extensively works both on Russian and western markets and provides   a customer increased and saved assets. Over the years of work on the stock market we ‘ve earned ourselves  the reputation as an reliable, transparent and experienced company.


The company is rated Top30* by the current assets of the stock section of the Moscow Central Stock Exchange.


Our mission is to offer a customer an optimal investment solution aimed at the increasing wealth taking into account risk/reward ratio. Currently the company is working on the program of the premium service for the wealthy clients. The main principle of the program will be the individual approach to the management of the personal finance. Our experts’ve created a complex of the unique investment solutions based on the high quality service and focused on a regular capital growth.


The greatest value to us is the trust of our customers and the long lasting partnership relations. That is the exact reason why the investment company “EuroIvest’ uses innovative technologies and the best products, develops efficient partnership programs and uses its best efforts to assist every customer on the all financial issues as much as possible.


Investment company ’EuroInvest’ is pleased to welcome its customers and ready to provide them all sorts of necessary support in making financial decisions.



*The information is actual for September, 2011


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