Corporate social  responsibility is a basic element of the ‘EuroInvest’ company corporate culture. Social responsiveness is a voluntary contribution into the social progress in social and economic areas directly linked to the primary activity of the company.


The ‘EuroInvest’ is a partner  of  the charity foundation ‘Family. Traditions & Charity’.  The charity foundation has been working since March, 2009 on the blessing of the priest Aleksei Darashevich. Today the foundation is carrying out a charity project ‘Life as a miracle’ focused on help to children from low income families suffering from heavy liver diseases.





To all diseased children  life is a miracle. Health is a miracle. Recovery is a miracle too. They are waiting for the miracle and praying about it. In the given economic environment readiness to help is also a miracle.



More detailed information about the program of the foundation and terms of participation one can  get from the managers at the number+7 495 276-03-10  or by e-mail.



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