Structured products  



Structured products are a composite financial instrument made to solve various problems  of the clients and to meet the individual  requests, which can not be met from financial tools available in the market.


Recently experts’ve noted  a significant increase of the number and volume of structured products. The number of private and corporate investors who use unlimited possibilities of the structured products to streamline the portfolio keeps growing steadily.



Structured products are an alternative to conventional investments and intended for investors who expect to get investment profit with reduced  level of risk. The structured products can be used both  to hedge risks of business processes and as a means of diversification of investments.



Structured products can be devised considering level of profit you can obtain  and risk you can take on. Moreover they can be adapted to any market circumstance.



Possibilities are almost unlimited such as investments into precious metals  with protection of capital  investments into foreign currency and with guaranteed minimum profit and subject portfolios.



You can pick up as underlier any type of investment i.e. shares, bonds, foreign currency, hedge funds, private equity or real estate.


 We’re ready to work out and make up structured products on our client’s  order with regard to certain requirements and to offer notes of  established European banks.


There is a large amount of various structured products. Look the chat of structured products to get  full-fledged information on them.



Advantages of structured products:


  • Good protection of the  capital
  • High level of potential profitability
  • Minimum expanses



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