Wealth management  



Wealth Management with ‘EuroInvest’ company is an individual program on efficient and balanced allocation of money funds and management of available assets. The service includes possibility to conduct any operations  on commodity, stock and currency markets and  on the market of real estate as well as bank instruments.


We offer unique investment schemes and assistance in fulfilling any additional task such as solving legal issues and advice on questions about acquisition of real estate.



Our services include:



  • Analysis of financial possibilities and needs, cash-flows  and relation to risks and  to goals of management of capital.
  • Drawing up an offer which would deal with choice of a personal financial  & investment program, options of management of liquidity, investment portfolios, and selecting sorts of assets (financial plan)
  • Servicing financial transaction of the client and members of  his family.



Wealth management is an opportunity to manage personal capital individually and  efficiently in conjunction with servicing which conforms to the status (social; standing) of our clients.



We consciously tackle  increasing and saving wealth of our clients consider all facets of their economic interests and make the most efficient long term strategy   for managing assets.



In the event of necessity ‘EuroInvest’ can employ experts from its partner companies.



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